The influence of curiosity and artistry on one’s capacity to explore the world is both profound and profoundly underestimated. The minds of common people creating uncommon artistry is something of a wonder. Some minds are renowned: Dieter Rams; Kenya Hara; Vera Wang. Others are niche: Maya Lake; Anne Lowe; Byron Lars. Their common thread of crafting into existence something that was once just a dream is more than an accomplishment—it is a phenomenon.

At natvsha, these phenomena are regarded as the epitome of existence. The status quo is wholly rejected. The idea of doing—or believing— something simply because “that’s what we’ve always done” is viewed as banal, tedious, and even sometimes dangerous. The act of asking why? invokes a commanding power which opens a world of thoughtful exploration. Questioning to understand; utilizing understanding to contemplate what is possible; daring to manifest a new kind of “possible”—this is how common people create phenomena. And this is what natvsha believes in.

natvsha, established and creatively directed by Natasha Martin, is a design haus specializing in visual and conceptual design including brand concept and development, visual styling, graphic and logo design, UX strategy, and personal branding. White space, organized sophistication, user-centric functionality, and a steadfast approach to timeless, non-archetypal simplicity underscore natvsha‘s aesthetic and design approach. Through collaboration and an unyielding devotion to the client’s values natvsha develops brands and strategies that are useful, beautiful, and intuitive.